Aseptic processing
with direct cooling



Aurum Process Technology is at the forefront of the food industry process techniques. We have developed a technology that ensures a very high-quality product and unparalleled productivity.

We design process lines on which the product is cooked and subsequently cooled to be packed aseptically, without the need for preservatives, pasteurisation, or autoclaving. Thus, we only apply a thermal treatment to the product, improving the flavour and the organoleptic quality of the product. Similarly, it improves the texture of the product because our devices minimise load loss.

We apply this treatment on complex applications, such as pre-prepared or pre-cooked products with particles in their structure.


Recommended for the following products

  • Pre-prepared or pre-cooked products.
  • Sauces, creams, and purées.
  • Fruits.


  • Improves quality.
  • Improves the texture of the product.
  • Very high productivity.