high-efficiency reactor



T-Sensation® is at the forefront of the field of reactor systems, with a tenfold performance over conventional reactors.

It is a horizontal, stainless steel reactor, capable of processing between fifty to over a thousand litres of product volume. The interior is formed by several plates through which the service fluid flows. These are designed to maximise the heat transfer Surface, in order to minimise processing time. The surface of the plates and that of the heating jacket is completely scraped. The scraping system optimises product mixing and increases heat transfer efficiency.

The reactor is designed to work with pressurised product, and it can also work in vacuum conditions.

Aurum Process Technology has obtained the patent for this high-efficiency reactor (T-Sensation) and is the sole manufacturer of this technological development.


Recommended for the following products

  • Products of any degree of viscosity.
  • Products with particles of variable sizes.

Special applications

  • Pressurised processes or under vacuum conditions.
  • Heating dry product.
  • Evaporating/concentrating.
  • Crystallising.
  • Defrost.
  • Aseptic processes.


  • High-quality product (flavour, nutritional properties).
  • Maintains product integrity (low levels of crushing and shearing).
  • High energetic efficiency.
  • Low fouling levels.
  • It can be used in batch or continuous production processes.
  • It does not require pump-feeding, as it can be loaded by means of worm screw as well as chain- or belt-type bucket elevators.
  • Avoids pressure loss.
  • Product loss or decrease during cleaning or product change cycles are avoided.