Aseptic filler bag

in drum/box



The aseptic filling system affords the acquisition of a long-lasting, high-quality, and completely safe product, without the need to use preservatives. Given that the process is conducted under sterilised condition and using airtight containers, the product can be cold-filled, thus reducing the impact of heat on packaged products. As a result, the outcome is a tasty product that maintains its nutritive properties. It also has significant advantages logistically, due to considerable costs reduction as a consequence of distributing and safely at room temperature.

During the aseptic filling process, the product comes already sterilised and the packaging already preformed. The product is packaged under cold conditions or at room temperature. It is then airtight closed; steam ensures the aseptic conditions of the process, thus avoiding the contamination of the product.

Our aseptic filler has two modalities: “Bag-in-Drum” and “Bag-in-Box”, with one or two headers which have one- and two-inches filler necks, using one or the other depending on the product to be packaged. It has an optional automatic feeding system for small bags. The capacity of the packages that can be used varies; the most common are those of 5, 10, 20, 200, and 1000 litres. The packages have excellent impermeable properties, preventing oxygen or light from entering into contact with the product.


Recommended for the following products

  • Low-acidity products, such as vegetables (spinach leaves, peas, sliced peppers, diced onion, etc.), ready meals, and others.
  • Diced fruit, whole fruits, fruit pulp, purée, concentrates (peach, apricot, strawberry, pear, apple, tropical fruits, etc.).
  • Fruit preparations.
  • Diced tomato.
  • Tomato concentrate ‘hot and cold break’.


  • Outstanding product quality, in terms of taste and organoleptic properties.
  • Prolonged shelf life.
  • Room-temperature preservation.