We consume a broad range of cosmetic products daily, from lipstick to the most expensive facial and body lotions, including gold- or caviar-based treatments. The cosmetic sector deploys cutting-edge technology, investing a large percentage of their budget in Research and Development. In this industry, it is paramount to be up-to-date with the latest novelties, if not a step ahead.

We develop heat-treatment technology adapted to the needs and requirements of the cosmetic industry. Our aim is to achieve the highest heat transfer surface within any given volume, and this is how we distinguish ourselves from the rest.

In those instances where energy recovery is required or desired, we use our detachable corrugated-tube heat exchangers: they are designed in a way that allows the removal of the tubular bundle for visual inspections.

In those applications where the product has high viscosity, and the generation of foiling deposits is a major issue, we use our scraped-surface heat exchangers. These heat exchangers have a series of characteristics that allow them to endure a working cycle for as long as needed.



  • High efficiency.
  • Compact design.
  • Low fouling levels.
  • Reduction of process time thanks to their great thermal efficiency.
  • Homogeneous thermal treatment of the product.
  • Longer continuous working cycles..
  • Low load loss.
  • Energy recovery.