ASTUTE is the scraped-surface heat exchanger with the largest exchange surface in the market. In its hygienic design, the service fluid flows through the inner tubes while the product flows between the inner tubes and the heating jacket. The heating jacket is easily detachable for its cleaning and maintenance.

On the side of the product we have placed static deflectors between which the scraping plates move with a reciprocating motion over the outer surface of the inner tube bundle. This pattern ensures the movement of all the product from one side to the other of each scraping plate, independently of the product’s flow rate, while at the same time the net flow of product moves through the exchanger generating barely any pressure loss.

The generated product flow is perpendicular to the service tubes, thus favouring heat transfer and cleaning, shortening heat treatment times, extending production cycles.
Aurum Process Technology is the patent holder for the ASTUTE scraped-surface heat exchanger.


Recommended for the following products

  • Fluids of any viscosity.
  • Fluids with small-sized particles.

Special Applications

  • Evaporate/concentrate.
  • Cooling and crystallising.
  • Aseptic processes.
  • Energy recovery with high-viscosity products.


  • Reduction of processing times.
  • Improves the quality of the end product.
  • Homogeneous heat treatment.
  • Very low fouling levels.
  • No ‘dead spots’.
  • It allows a quick visual check of the interior.
  • Low load loss.
  • Decrease in the space needed.
  • Increase of production cycles.
  • Decreases product loss during cleaning downtimes or product changeover.