Dairy products with fruit are a great combination for children, for example, because it facilitates the consumption of the recommended daily fruit intake. This market is booming also due to changes in consumption trends, which favour a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Aurum Process Technology provides fruit-processing solutions, to use the resulting products in later productive processes, as well as turnkey installation for the mixing, processing, and packaging of dairy drinks containing fruit. Our equipment improves the efficiency of the process, which results in energy saving and a more optimised raw material consumption.

The process starts with the incorporation of concentrated product into the processing line through our drum-draining pump. Secondly, the process continues with the multiple mixing station, a device that embodies our extensive experience in the field. We add powder milk to the mix with our high efficiency line mixer/homogeniser, which allow us to obtain an ideal mix. To prevent any microbiological hazards, temperature control in this module is crucial.

The next step involves the air removal facility, paramount for improving the quality of the product and the efficiency of the process, by recovering flavours.

Lastly, a high-pressure homogeniser is followed by the sterilisation section, in which we use our high-efficiency corrugated-tube heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers optimise thermal treatment times, thus improving the quality of the end product. Our technological designs maximise the recovery of the energy spent in the heating process. Once processing is finished, we send the product for temperature-controlled aseptic filling.

The processing facility is fully compatible with CIP cleaning.

Furthermore, our automatisation department sets parameters for high-precision working, using the safest and highest quality elements.



  • High efficiency.
  • Compact solution.
  • High mixing level.
  • Low cost.
  • Made of special stainless steel, based on the product formulation.