Removable bundle multi-tube
(MD series)



Our MD-series heat exchangers comprise a tube-bundle mechanically fixed to a heating jacket. The corrugated surface of the inner tubes increases global heat transfer rates. This kind of detachable exchangers allow us to retrieve the inner tube bundle for cleaning and revision. Their design does not require an expansion joint, given that differential expansion is addressed on one of the ends of the exchangers through the longitudinal movement of the tube bundle relative to the heating jacket.

In this kind of exchangers, there are no ‘dead zones’ associated to bellows’ waves or expansion joint; thus, they are particularly recommended for energy retrieval applications, where product flows through both the inner tube and the heating jacket. Their design makes them particularly suitable for the food industry or for those processes where a complete checking of the inner tube bundle is often required.


Recommended for the following products

  • Non-Newtonian and medium-low viscosity fluids.
  • Fluids with relatively small particles.

Special Application

  • Energy recovery in heating or cooling processes.


  • Shortens heat treatment times.
  • Reduces fouling.
  • Reduces the weight and volume of the exchangers.
  • Improves the quality of the end product.
  • Decreases product loss during cleaning downtimes or product changeover.