Tomato-based sauces



Tomato-based sauces as ketchup hold a special significance in the food industry. To meet this demant, we have developed and perfected a production system on which production times are fully optimised.

The process starts with the incorporation of concentrated tomato paste in the production line with our drum-draining pump. We then dilute the paste with water into a formulation tank, where we incorporate the micro-ingredients. With our mixer/in-line emulsifier we achieve the desired product texture. The product is heated through steam-injection.

One the process is finished, we send the product to be filled directly or it can be cooled down first, depending on filling requirements. The processing technology can be cleaned in situ (CIP).

Furthermore, our automatisation department sets high-precision working parameters, using the safest and highest quality elements.



  • High quality product.
  • High efficiency.
  • Limited space required.
  • Reduction of investment costs.
  • Low maintenance costs.