In evaporation facilities, the cost of processing is primarily determined by the amount of steam consumed. In order to reduce the costs involved, we recommend multiple-effect evaporation systems.

In a system with a single evaporator (simple-effect evaporation), the steam generated during processing is discarded.

If the steam generated is used as a source of energy for a second evaporator that continues the processing of the product, then we have a double-effect evaporation system. On each stage of the steam re-utilisation process (effect), both pressure and temperature decrease.

Let’s use the following example to illustrate the amount of saving achieved: in a triple-effect evaporator, using one kilogram of steam, we evaporate a given amount of water; however, to evaporate that same amount of water in a single-effect evaporator with the same surface and temperature drop we would need 3kg of steam. Furthermore, we also achieve savings in terms of the amount of cooling water used in the condenser of the last effect.


Recommended for the following applications

  • Industrial applications where energetic efficiency is paramount.


  • Reduction of energy consumption.