Waste water



60% of water consumption in developed countries is associated with industrial processes. Therefore, the adequate treatment of waste water and their reuse is paramount for ensuring environmental sustainability.
Our designs are able to separate fluids from solid products even in situations where the relevant physico-chemical and biological processes cannot take place, as well as in processes where reverse osmosis membranes are not effective.

To process and treat waste water we have two options:
– Waste water concentration by means of multiple-effect evaporation.
– Waste water concentration by means of mechanical steam compression.
We recommend the use of our scraped-surface tubular heat exchangers as evaporator device in both system.

Through the concentration of waste product, we can reduce its volume by fifteen times. By using a particular set of equipment, we can even reach dry residue. Depending on the process, this concentrate can have value on itself as a raw material for other applications or processes.

On the other hand, it can also be used as fuel for the cement industry, or alternatively it can be sent to a waste management facility. Either way, the considerable reduction of waste volume entails a considerable level of saving in terms of management costs, making the investment profitable.



  • Lower volume of waste product.
  • High efficiency.
  • Compact solution.
  • Low cost.