Rotary filler of
preformed containers



The Ultra-clean filling system, developed by Aurum Process Technology is characterised by its hygienic design and protective atmosphere, ensuring an excellent microbiological safety.

Our rotary filler of preformed containers can be used with any fluid that can be packaged in a terrine container. The filler is automatized, and thanks to its servo-mechanical displacement system, it performs rotational movements with great speed and smoothness.

The filler has a very compact design, and it includes the following four processing stages, each carried out on a different working station:

Firstly, four columns of containers are placed on a package introducer, that automatically releases and transport them to the remaining working stations.

On the second stage, an ultraviolet light module sterilises the containers.

Thirdly, the containers are carefully filled through a system of flowmeters and anti-drip nozzles.

On the fourth working station, the containers are heat-sealed: a continuous sheet is thermo-sealed and cut around the perimeter of the containers. This sheet is sterilised by another ultraviolet light module. Afterwards, the scrap sheet is recovered through an automatic-traction mandrel.

Lastly, the containers are automatically placed on a conveyor belt, keeping the positioning station free for a new processing cycle.


Recommended for the following products

  • Sauces.
  • Creams and purées.
  • Ready meals containing particles.


  • Ultra-clean packaging on a performed container.
  • Extended shelf life product, without preservatives.
  • Preservation at room temperature or refrigerated.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Reduces heat exposure.
  • Increase of its nutritive value.
  • Better consistency, texture, color, and flavour.
  • Compact design.