Aseptic linear doypack filler



The filling line model AFD16 ASEPTIC is adapted for the development of any horizontally packaged fluid product on doypack pouched formed from plastic film coil.

This machine works automatically thanks to its servomechanical system for continuous film displacement, performing movements at very high speed and reaching yields up to 80 pouches/min (depending on product and packaging).

Thanks to the aseptic process technology developed by AURUM, and in conjunction with its T-Sensation cooking line, the best quality and longest shelf life are guaranteed for food products at room temperature, unpaired in the market.

AURUM’s technology allows low acid products to be aseptically packed in pouches, as the product, previously sterilized and cooled is dosed into the pouches inside a sterile cabin. The pouches are formed inside the same cabin, where the plastic film arrives after being sterilized.

Unassisted work, the operator only needs to replace the film reel.

Automatic film centering system using ultrasonic sensors.

Due to the powerful control software of the machine when integrated into a T-Sensation® production line only requires an operator to be able to control them together, having control of the process from start to finish from a single control station. (CENTRALIZED CONTROL)

The AFD16 ASEPTIC filler can include a CIP return system as an optional.

Triple Thermal sealing system that guarantees the integrity of the product.


Recommended for the following products

  • Low-acidity products, such as vegetables (spinach leaves, peas, sliced peppers, diced onion, etc.), ready meals, and others.
  • Diced fruit, whole fruits, fruit pulp, purée, concentrates (peach, apricot, strawberry, pear, apple, tropical fruits, etc.).
  • Fruit preparations.
  • Diced tomato.
  • Tomato concentrate ‘hot and cold break’.


  • Aseptic packaging in a stand-up pouch format.
  • Extended shelf-life products without preservatives.
  • Storage at room temperature/refrigerated.
  • Competitive price.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of temperature exposure.
  • Improvement of nutritional quality
  • Improves consistency, texture, colour and flavor.
  • Compact design.
  • Shelf life.
  • Centralized control in conjunction with a T-Sensation@ production line.
  • Unassisted work.