TERMOPOL Plug & Cook
The Sustainable Electric Pressure Cooker



The TERMOPOL technology consists of an energy-efficient electric pressure cooker, designed for the preparation of dishes with high nutritional value and low environmental impact.

Thanks to its non-stick coated heat core, located in the centre of the cooking vessel, the heat is transferred from inside to outside so that all the energy is transferred directly to the product in preparation. In addition, the position of the heating core avoids burning of sedimentation at the bottom as it happens in case of standard pots.

Our equipment has minimal temperature loss thanks to the double walls with thermal insulation. When the desired temperature is reached, the heating element switches off and cooking continues without energy consumption, thus ensuring great energy savings.

The pressure cooker has a tilting frame with wheels that allows its 360º rotation. In this way cooking is possible in different positions (horizontal, vertical, oblique etc.) and also mixing the product with a pendulum movement, without breaking or crushing product.

Despite its industrial origin, the cooker adapts and fits easily to any existing installation as it does not require the usual industrial equipment such as steam boilers, mechanical cooling cells, etc., which are difficult to install in urban areas.

TERMOPOL makes cooking fast, easy, efficient, sustainable and allows the preparation of large quantities of quality dishes in record time anywhere in the world, simply by connecting the equipment to a standard socket.


Special Applications

  • Sterilization of conserves


  • Easy and optimised cooking
  • No need for complex infrastructure
  • Convenient cooking modes, stirring without spoiling the texture
  • Non-stick, stainless steel
  • No need to monitor cooking
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy maintenance
  • Double safety system
  • 1/3rd of the current cost of private management of dish preparation

Process Solutions

  • Product formulation
  • Cooking, transport and aseptic storage
  • Sterilisation

Accessories available

  • Crushing lid (creams, gazpacho, mixes)
  • Direct dispensing (to be consulted)