In order to prepare any kind of broth, the following three basic components are required:

  • Liquid base: the solution in which boiling occurs, normally water.
  • Nutritious source: comes from meat, fish, and/or vegetables, cooked together or each on its own.
  • Flavouring elements: those spices and aromatic herbs that provide flavour and taste.

To obtain broths on an industrial scale, first we apply a thermal treatment to the raw materials in order to favour Maillard’s chemical reaction, in order to maximise flavouring. Secondly, the resultant gravy is extracted and pasteurised.

We recommend our T-Sensation® technology, which allows the processing of raw materials with particles or cut in large pieces. At the same time, we make the most of the large heat transfer Surface available to minimise the time needed for flavour extraction, improving the taste and the quality of the end product.



  • High quality product.
  • High efficiency.
  • Lower space requirements.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • Low maintenance costs.