AURUM PROCESS TECHNOLOGY S.L. has established and implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

The activity carried out is specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery and productive processes for companies in different sectors, such as food, environment, industry, or pharmacy.

With a focus on innovation, along with exhaustive R&D work and the extensive know-how accumulated over years of activity, an objective is established in terms of technology to offer solutions to our customers that exceed their expectations and adapt to their needs.

Our team has extensive experience in the sector and continually seeks excellence with our customers, providing solutions adapted to their needs.

The strategic objectives of the organization are based on providing services whose level of quality and respect for the environment foster recognition of our brand at a national and international level, respecting and considering the needs of our customers, the environment in which we carry out our activity, and compliance with all established legal requirements.

To achieve these objectives, AURUM PROCESS TECHNOLOGY S.L. has defined a Policy that outlines our commitment to conducting our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of environmental and quality aspects, especially those most significant. Likewise, a common framework is established for the definition of objectives and the realization of activities that contribute to the improvement of the integrated quality and environmental management system:

  • Ensuring environmental protection, working respectfully, preventing pollution, and minimizing environmental effects produced as a result of the activity we carry out in our center.
  • Promote research and development of technologies that contribute to mitigating climate change and enabling sustainable use of resources.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements applicable in the countries where we operate and the requirements voluntarily assumed by the organization, as well as respect voluntary agreements adopted or requirements from our customers.
  • Involve all members of the organization in the development and continuous improvement of the Management System, making them participants in its maintenance and improvement, providing our staff with the motivation, training, information, equipment, machinery, and computer systems that allow them to carry out their tasks with the greatest efficiency.
  • Establish controls, indicators, and reporting systems that allow us to objectively know the status of our center’s system and environmental impact.
  • Seek customer satisfaction as a way to ensure the continuity and good performance of our company.
  • Define specific and measurable objectives and goals within a program, being reviewed according to their achievement at least once a year by management.
  • Establish an objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to minimizing our footprint on the environment.
  • Perform an annual periodic evaluation of the aspects derived from our activity, for the purposes of maintenance and continuous improvement of the system.
  • Ensuring a base of standardized suppliers, which do not alter production and ensuring that they get involved in reducing environmental impact.

    The identification and evaluation of environmental aspects allow the company to maintain a management system based on three pillars:

    • Precaution: avoid actions that could imply an environmental risk, regardless of the severity they may have if they materialize.
    • Prevention: avoid environmental consequences associated with a certain action.
    • Correction: anticipate the way to counteract the environmental consequences of a risk in case it materializes.

Our purpose is to achieve continuous improvement in all our products, processes, and services through the application of the principles of running an organization based on the concepts of total quality, respect for the environment, and participatory management.

This Management System is the reference for establishing objectives and goals, with which the quality of services, environmental performance, and the effectiveness of the system itself can be continuously improved.

This Quality and Environment Policy demonstrates management’s commitment, periodically establishing reviews of the set objectives and control of their compliance.

All employees and Stakeholders identified by AURUM PROCESS TECHNOLOGY S.L. are urged to participate in and support this Policy through continuous training, awareness, and communication, in such a way that the improvement objectives that are established in accordance with it can be achieved.

Miguel Angel Cantero CEO Molina de Segura on June 22, 2023