Wine and must

Wine and must production in the EU has been growing to the point of reaching over 175 million of hectolitres. In Spain, wine-making has grown considerably to over than 50Mhl, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Moreover, it is worth highlighting that grape must exportation is worth around 250 million euros, according to Azumancha, a collective of wine and grape juice producers from Castilla-La Mancha.

Must or grape juice can be sold either natural or concentrated for its later rehydration. In order to obtain must, grapes are squeezed, drained, clarified, filtered, homogenised, pasteurised, cooled, and stored. Our corrugated-tube heat exchangers perform excellently in pasteurisation processes.

Our aseptic packaging system ensures a completely safe product, of high quality and long shelf life without the need to add preservatives.

Furthermore, we have considerable experience with the aseptic treatment of concentrated and non-concentrated must; in the context of wine production, we also have extensive experience in the control of the fermentation temperature.