About us

About us

Aurum Process Technology designs, manufactures and sells equipment and processing plants related to heat and mass transfer. Our commercial network is internationally spread through delegations and representatives in Europe, America and Asia, and our products are manufactured under license in the USA. Aurum has an excellent team of professionals with an extensive experience in this industry.

We have advanced knowledge in thermodynamics, fluids dynamics, finite elements analysis, and design optimization. We have a passion for creation and innovation in order to offer to our customers new technologies that help them in making their developments to come true and obtaining excellent and competitive products.

Where we are

Aurum Process Technology has its headquarters in Murcia (Spain).

We also have our own manufacturing centre in Murcia. Besides, we have already started to manufacture our systems under license in the USA and we are negotiating to obtain licenses to manufacture in Germany, India and Thailand as well.

We are members of the National Technological Centre for the Canned Food Industry and we collaborate with the Technological Centre for the Metal in Murcia as well as with the Ben Arabi Supercomputation Centre.