Thermal processing technology

AURUM PROCESS TECHNOLOGY has developed a series of revolutionary technologies that meet a wide range of thermal exchange and processing applications for industries like food, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and so on.

We are specialized in processing complex and hard products, like those with particles, high viscosity products, temperature-sensitive products and those which generate high level of fouling. We manufacture corrugated tube  and scraped surface heat exchangers, piston pumps, deaeration systems, high efficiency reactors, Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems and aseptic filling machines.

Our designs specially fulfil the needs of the most demanding food industry, concretely those of convenience food because we use the T-Sensation™ and the ASTUTE technologies which are developed to preserve the taste and get a high productivity. Concerning environment, we make the most of the high thermal power of our equipment during energy recovery processes, multiple effect evaporation and concentration, applying thermal and mechanical vapour compression.

Aurum Process Technology is the technological supplier to Foodtopia.