T-Sensation multi-function
stockpot – electric series



Our T-Sensation Electric Series devices are multi-function stockpots that can fulfil the tasks of a cooking pot, a tilting bratt pan, and also those of a pressure cooker.

They comprise a horizontal tank with a central heat emission source. By following this design, we reduce the distance of any given particle to the source of heat in relation to other heating devices where heat comes exclusively from the external walls of the tank. The device has its own scraping system to prevent the formation of fouling deposits, which also improves the degree of product mixing. This way, we achieve a more constant and uniform heat transfer, reducing the timing of the process and improving the quality of the final product.

With this latest generation stockpot, our clients can obtain fully finished preparations, as well as intermediary products, sauces, stir-fry, starters, broths, etc. in a quick and efficient manner, fully synergised with the other processing systems.


Recommended for the following products

  • Products of any viscosity.
  • Products with particles of varying sizes.

Special applications

  • Sauté pan.
  • Reductive fryer.
  • Open stockpot and pressure cooker.


  • High-quality product (flavour, nutritious properties)
  • Maintains product integrity (low levels of crushing and shearing).
  • High production capacity.
  • High energetic efficiency.
  • Low fouling levels.