Mechanical steam-compression



In mechanical steam-compression evaporation systems, the cycle starts with the supply of energy to the evaporator, in order to start the evaporation process. To improve the efficiency of the process, we recommend an evaporation system that works under vacuum conditions, which lowers the boiling temperature of the product. The steam obtained is compressed with a volumetric compressor such as a turbine, in order to increase its temperature. This overheated steam is re-introduced in the system as service fluid. Once the cycle starts, the external steam supply stops, as the energy generated during the mechanical compression of the steam allows the evaporation cycle to function.

The main advantage of the mechanical steam-compression systems is that the energy requirements of the volumetric compressor is lower than the steam production costs of multiple-effect evaporation systems; nonetheless, this depends on the volumes of product that needs evaporating, which ought to be relatively high in order to balance out the investment costs of the compressor.


Recommended for the following applications

  • • Industrial applications where energetic efficiency is paramount.


  • Reduction of energy consumption.