Our technology makes it possible to hydrate any legume in 90 minutes (volumes from 200 kg to 3000 kg), whereas a normal hydration line requires 12 hours for this process and large silos.

With our technology, you can do continuous hydration without being limited by batch production. What we offer you is a saving of time, space and investment in large installations.

In the same way, we can adapt the configuration of the plant by being able to
A plant with one hydration column and
one continuous firing column.

Three hydration tanks for continuous production and batch processing in each tank.

Special design adapted with horizontal tanks for installations less than 3m high.

From capacities of 200 Kg/hr of dry vegetable input up to 1.5 Tn/hr of dry vegetable input.



We have been developing accelerated hydration technology with patented processes for years. 100% effective results.
Thanks to our pilot plant we are able to perfectly reproduce the temperature-time profiles of the vegetable and the specific water adapted to each client, so that you can see in advance the result of what you are going to obtain

Hydration times are reduced to only 45 and 90 minutes depending on the type of vegetable and these times can be regulated by our specific software. Customer satisfaction is our success.



The temperature profile changes along the column, which allows the legume to start hydrating with colder water and at the end of hydration it can even reach pre-cooking or blanching in the column itself.

The hydration time, which can be between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the type of
vegetable, is adjustable by programme