Aurum Process Technology

Its application scope is wider and can be used in applications for which there isn’t an adequate technology, like the treatment of products with high viscosity and little pressure loss, the preformation for freezing or crystallization processes, and etcetera.

It is important to note that these systems have a huge thermal power that allows its use as atmospheric or vacuum evaporators.

Solution for most of the industrial applications

Our thermal transfer systems are a solution for most of the industrial applications.

In those applications in which the treatment of products is not difficult (taken it as the combination of viscosity, presence of particles, and level of generated fouling, etcetera) and plate type heat exchangers are not adequate, we use tubular heat exchangers. We have improved the thermal transfer process by using corrugated tubes. We also use twisted tubes to improve the loss of load and reduce the dead zones in those applications requiring so.

Working with those products that have a medium difficulty level in their treatment we use the Astute technology. As a reference, the Astute systems improve efficiency in those processes in which tubular heat exchangers, spiral type heat exchangers and rotary heat exchangers are traditionally used. And finally, for those applications including really complex products, we have developed the T-Sensation™ technology. The T-Sensation™ systems cope with all the applications in which industrial cooking kettles and process reactors are used but have poor results. As well as the Astute, the T-Sensation™ systems have an application scope that includes applications for which there is not another option in the market.

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