The sweet drinks and soft drinks industry is a very competitive and demanding market. Thus, in order to succeed in it, it is paramount to have productive processes adapted to the specific needs of producers that meet the standards of the market. Moreover, the technology ought to be highly efficient in terms of both energy consumption and production costs.

At Aurum Process Technology, our technological equipment offers compact solutions with high mixing levels. Our sterilising module for aseptic filling has an energy recovery rate of 80%, due to its high efficiency corrugated-tube heat exchangers. To make them, we use special stainless Steel (SuperDuplex, for example), which are sturdier and more corrosion-resistant; they are thus ideal for demanding processes. The processing facility offers a highly precise control system that can be fully adapted to the requirements of our client, and it is also compatible for CIP cleaning.

The high energetic efficiency of our equipment and the optimisation of raw material consumption ensures that the production costs are very competitive. Therefore, we are able to provide soft drinks that meet the need and quality standards of the market at a lower cost.



  • High efficiency.
  • Compact solution.
  • High mixing levels.
  • Low cost.
  • Made of special stainless steel, based on the product formulation.