The consumption and demand of hummus are growing steadily throughout Europe, becoming a staple on the diet of many countries; it is no longer exclusive of Greece and Middle Eastern countries. This dish is made of chickpea purée, seasoned with lemon juice, tahini sauce (based on sesame paste), and olive oil.At Aurum Process Technology we are specialist in the production of hummus, particularly in processes of continuous production. Our technology affords the adjustment of the thermal process to the requirements of our clients. This way, we achieve high-efficiency processes, optimising the quality of the product and avoid undesirable impact on the flavour and nutritious value of the product.

For a continuous production process, we recommend scraped-surface heat exchangers to be in the most relevant part of the processing line in terms of impact on the flavour and quality of the end product. Similarly, in order to ensure the efficiency of the process and the quality of the product, we use our de-aerator system, piston pumps, pasteurisers, aseptic filler, and CIP. For the remaining components, we install those best adapted to the process on the basis of our extensive experience and know-how, using only the products of top suppliers.



  • High quality product.
  • High efficiency.
  • Less space requirements.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • Low maintenance costs.